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So after painting for a couple of years I needed a break. Something I’ve always wanted to do were comics or animation. For years now I’ve had this thing about guam stories that also relate to my Filipino heritage, which relates to the jungle, how there are spirits living in the trees and boonies . Could be ancestors or mythical spirits.. . You decide .so here is how it’ll start . Girl from some city moves to guam and hates it , disrespects warnings from locals about jungle and is later visited by 3 spirits from the jungle , almost like a Loki characteristic . Gets kidnapped to live in the jungle , pretty much teaching her respect and ditching her awful materialistic standards of living  . There’s a big evil in the jungle that the 4 must over come, and through odd cooperation save the jungle and the village from the evil spirits that live in the dark areas of the jungle . 
Also let’s add in that this girls grandmother is like a shaman/witch doctor of the village or on guam ” seruhano ” dunno how it’s spelled but she is crazy.

Email me ideas because it’s still a work in progress( I’d love some of my guamies input ) or critique my idea if I should stop and kill myself  . It’s something to show guam culture and get kids from my island to be interested in what I grew up with .



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